★Dr.マーレーの裁判が始まります。。。Justice for Michael

Jackson doctor appears in court
Last Updated: April 5, 2010 8:21pm

justice for michael
At 1:10 p.m., Janet Jackson arrived in a black Mercedes Benz. "We love you, Janet," the fans cheered. (BRETT CLARKSON/QMI Agency)
多くのファンたちが"Justice for Michael"と叫んでいます。

LOS ANGELES — Hundreds of Michael Jackson fans and a huge crowd of reporters have descended on the criminal court building in downtown LA where the doctor accused in the late pop icon's death is set to appear Monday afternoon for a preliminary hearing.

Dr. Conrad Murray will be in court for his 1:45 p.m. hearing in connection with the involuntary manslaughter charge he faces and he is sure to face a flurry of shouting and cat calls when he arrives.

"Justice for Michael!" they chanted repeatedly, as well as "Conrad Murray is a murderer!"

Murray is alleged to have administered the fatal dose of Propofol that killed Jackson on June 25, 2009.

According to reports, his defence team is expected today to ask for a postponement of the preliminary hearing.

The circus-like atmosphere around the court entrance was helped by an airplane that circled overhead with a banner attached that read, "We Demand Justice For Michael Jackson."

At 12:50 p.m., Jackson's dad Joe, mom Katharine, and brother Jermaine arrived to cheers from the crowd, which was held back from the entrance by police tape.

At 1:10 p.m., Janet Jackson arrived in a black Mercedes Benz. "We love you, Janet," the fans cheered.

None of the Jackson family members, who were surrounded by police officers and their own private security, made a comment before entering the court.

Dr. Murray apparently dodged the media by arriving through another entrance.

And while TMZ reported that Murray's legal team will argue that Jackson shot himself up with the fatal dose, ABC News reported today that the legal team, headed by Ed Chertoff, is denying that report categorically.

In the hours leading up to the hearing, hundreds of fans — some who had travelled from Europe and South America — assembled outside the court, where they prayed, chanted, marched, and sang "We Are The World."

"All of these people are here because they know Michael cared," said Lisa Marble, who made the 12-hour bus trip from Santa Rosa to LA to protest Murray outside the court.

Marble, 37, first met Jackson in the late '80s after the entertainer wrote to her and invited her to an LA concert on his Bad tour. Marble had already undergone several brain and abdominal surgeries after she was born with a brain condition. After that first concert, Jackson invited her to his famed Neverland Ranch several times.

"Neverland was such a heavenly place, that when you went there, all your problems disappeared," Marble said. "Everybody who visited was treated like a king."

Eddie Jones, president of the Los Angeles Civil Rights Association, said Jackson's fans are angry and want Murray's charge upgraded to murder. 
Jones, who keeps in contact with the Jackson family, said the family is still in great pain over Michael's death.

"They lost a family member," Jones said.

(Source:Tronto Sun)

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