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マイケルのニューアルの"Much Too Soon"がi-tuneで一週間聴けるようになっていますよね。


静かで繊細な、少しフォークソング調の曲ですよね。まさにマイケルの多感な青春って感じ。まだKing of Pop になるまえのヤング・マイケルの香りがします。


Much Too Soon lyrics

She was there just sitting at the table
thinking now that things won`t be the same
And would you like to go with me?
And she answered No ..to me
But I guess I learned my lesson much too soon

I never thought she`ll leave me here forever
But who knows just what the future brings
And would you like to go with me?
And she answered No ..to me
But I guess I learned my lesson much too soon

Take away this never ending sorrow
Take this lonely feeling from my soul
[. From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/m/michael-jackson-lyrics/much-too-soon-lyrics.html .]
If only I knew what things bring tomorrow
She`d be sitting here beside me
And my heart would let me go?????

I hope to make a change now for the better
never letting fate to control my soul
And I`m hoping that my prayers will see
The day that you`ll come back to me
But I guess I learned my lesson much too soon

Yes I guess I learned my lesson much too soon


"Much too soon"を聴くと、タリルはマイケルがタリルにあらゆる種類の音楽を勉強のために聴くようにと言ったことを思い出すそうです。たとえば、キャロル・キングの"タペストリー"、ブレッド、特にジム・クロウチの"I have to say I love you in a song"(1973年)を大好きと言ったことなど。



シャイなマイケルに本当にぴったりな歌だと思います。うまく言葉で言えないので、歌でI love you と伝えたいという男の子の気持ちですものね。

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On Tuesday 30th November 2010, @Taryll said:

"Much Too Soon" - At a very early age my Uncle taught me to appreciate and study all types of music. I remember going to the music stores with him and he would pull cd's for me "Do you know this? (Carole King... Tapestry) have you heard of them? (Bread) oh I love this...(Jim Croce's.. I have to say I love you in a song)" we would walk down the aisles of every section... it was like homework for me. He gave me a little at a time and when I was ready for more he would give me a whole new list. "There's so many styles... study it all, don't limit yourself." - I would leave the store with a wide variety with anything from Tchikovsky's Nutcracker to Queen. When we got home or in the car we would listen to it. Some songs would weaken him and touch his heart while others would make him sing and dance!! He was always teaching me and I am so thankful for all of his lessons in both music and life. - this is what came to my mind when I first heard "Much Too Soon." I love this style of music and I can appreciate it because of you. I love you MJ

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こちらのブログの方がJaxityのページよりちょっと広々としてますでしょ? (って、お部屋みたいですがwww)

本当に守備範囲が広く、のちにthe King of Pop になるための音楽への真摯な努力を子供のころからずーっと続けていたのだと思います。

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