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now is that strange that i fall in love
who is the boogie man you thinkin’ of
all went crazy coz im just in love
this is breaking news X2



マイケルの新曲"Breaking News"がまず発表されました。


ニューアルバムから先行発表された"Breaking News"のプロデューサー・テディ・ライリーはカシオが作ったテープをもとにこの曲を完成させました。テディはMJとは4度、デンジャで1年2カ月、ヒスで6カ月、アダムスファミリーで2カ月ともに働きました。声はMJと思ったが、カシオテープはすでに加工されたものを受け取ってミックスして完成させた、とのこと。


I've worked with MJ 4 times...we spent 1 yr 2, months together working on dangerous, 6 months on history, 2 months on Adam family...Cont.
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返信 リツイート The vocals I was given to me from the Cascios was all I had to work with. I can't and no one can prove anything but MJ...Cont.
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返信 リツイート These issue about MJ vocals not being real came into par. The vocal yes I feel they are MJ vox...they are very processed...Cont.
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返信 リツイート All of the producer that worked on this project got paid before they worked. At the last minute of working on this project...Cont.
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返信 リツイート Only cause of Michael and the jackson family, who felt I should be on the project, cause of my relationship with Michael. Cont.
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返信 リツイート I did not write the Songs, I was called in to mix and finish what I was given, Without compensation only cause of Michael...Cont.
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返信 リツイート I was called on this project by the estate, Sony

また、MJの甥のタリルは、ニューアルバムのなかには本物もあるのでアルバム自体は支持するが、この"Breaking News"はじめ数曲は支持できない。なぜならMJじゃないので、と言っています。(カシオが持ち込んだテープをもとに作ったものについて言っているようです)

Taryll Jackson
On Monday 8th November 2010, @Taryll said:

to all the mj fans... regarding the song "Breaking News" i am so sorry you have to deal with this. my Uncle loved you so much and would not want it this way. however there are songs that ARE my uncle singing on the upcoming album and I will support those 100% but I will not support "Breaking News" and a few others because it simply is not him. they tried to fool me and they tried to fool you. i told them it would never happen.


アカペラ……部分的にはマイケルにしか思えません。no no の言い方とか。。。

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